Serving K-12 in Lincoln County, Maine

About Us

Our Mission


 MML was incorporated in 2014 by Jay and Doug Moore’s family and friends to honor them and their love for music. MML seeks to support children in grades K-12 in Lincoln County Maine  who may not have the means to pursue their musical interest.  We sponsor music lessons, instrument rentals, and related expenses. 

Our Team


MML is fortunate to have a dedicated group of volunteer board members and contributors.  Board members: Bob Moore, Brenda LeMay, David Means, Jimmy Morrison, Wayne Moore, Kathy Fortier, Cherie Moore, Betty Oyster, Jen Moore, Ryan Moore, Nancy Wyman.  Joanne Moore, Greg Fortier, and Ginny Murray also provide significant support!

About Jay & Doug


Jay and Doug have deep roots in the Boothbay region. Both enjoyed their summers working in the Cabbage Island Clambake business with their father and uncle for many years.
      Because of their love of the area and the community of folks they came to know, the Moore Music Legacy will focus in Lincoln County, radiating outward as MML grows.  


More about Jay and Doug


Following Doug’s death, his family wanted to do something meaningful in his name and decided to start a program to sponsor children to pursue their musical interests. Doug loved music of all types and you would often see him with his headphones on drumming on the table, playing air guitar or singing loudly to the music. It was natural to think of music as the best way to honor his spirit. 

As the MML board began its work, we quickly realized that a music sponsorship program would be something that Jay would also have been very proud of. Jay introduced Doug to much of the music that he loved so much and his most favorite musician was Michael Schenker, but he truly loved music of all kinds. Thus the board moved to build out the Moore Music Legacy in honor of both Jay and Doug.

Jay and Doug grew up in a family who loved and expressed music. Their mom surrounded them with music from piano, organ, guitar and song. Their paternal grandfather had a great gift of playing piano and organ by ear, being in demand by friends and family and often playing for hours. Their maternal grandmother was frequently found singing and dancing about the kitchen as she prepared a meal for the family, often grabbing the nearest child to serve as a partner. She was a previous professional violinist, also played beautifully by ear, and wrote many beautiful love songs, including lullabies for her children, grandchildren and great-grandchild. 

Jay wrote lyrics for music performed by local band in high school. Doug was the family’s source for musical trivia and downloaded thousands of songs of all genres, which the family continues to enjoy today. Both boys owned and played several guitars. 

Jay with Michael Schenker- his favorite musician.

Jay with Michael Schenker- his favorite musician. 


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